I'm Sandradene,

Makeup Artist, Men's Groomer and  Hair Stylist (upon request). Born and raised on the beautiful island of Jamaica currently living in Brooklyn, New York.   My passion for makeup was ignited at my first trip to Macy's Herald  Sq., shortly after arriving in the U.S. in 1997. I saw amazing transformations taking place at the MAC counter, and became fascinated with the whole process. It was in that moment that my love for makeup was born.  Over the years I've developed a love for beauty makeup. I'm adept with working on different skin tones and types while keeping the nuances of skin.

I demonstrate technical skills required to execute  flawless, radiant, beautiful makeup with an emphasis on skin. I currently work in TV & Film, on Editorials, Ad Campaigns, Commercials,  E-Commerce and with a few Red Carpet clients. Growing up on an island rich in culture, I often draw inspiration from the colors and textures of my life. My ability to think outside the box with makeup application, my attention to detail, my passion for beauty, communication skills, team player attitude and the skill set to produce extremely high quality work are a testament to my abilities. 

My work has graced the pages of several publications such as; Nylon Guys, PaperCut, Cosmopolitan Latinas, D'Scene, Mr. Warburton, Vulkan, Glassbook, D'Scene, Elegant to name a few. I've worked on projects for Alice & Olivia, Cadillac, Lincoln MKZ, BestBuy, Rimmel London, Moscot, DL Jeans, Intermix, Ciroc, Moet, Weight Watchers, Vineyard Vines, CoverGirl, Tamara Mellon, Demesticks, Urban Outfitters, Royams, Covry, AT&T, BET, RevoltTV, Universal Music, StateFarm and others.

My motto: "Flawless. Artistry. Changes. Everything"   I look forward to working with you.      

Sandradene Fearon
Makeup | Grooming | Hair
NYC Based

Sandradene Fearon
Makeup Artist
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