Hailing from Jamaica's vibrant tapestry of colors and textures, Sandradene's initiation into the world of makeup took place amidst the bustling counters of Macy's Herald Square. The dance of brushes and colors she witnessed there was more than a mere makeover; it was pure art. That spectacle stirred in her a passion that now finds its expression in every project she undertakes.

Residing in the heart of Brooklyn, NYC, Sandradene's island roots continue to nourish her craft. It's evident in her unique expertise in catering to Global complexions, her penchant for a signature pop of color on the lips, and her relentless pursuit of the perfect natural look – one that accentuates inherent beauty while remaining true to its essence.

Her Achievements Speak Volumes:

  • Media Collaborations: Gracing the domains of TV & Film, Editorials, Ad Campaigns, Commercials, E-Commerce, and the Red Carpet.
  • Published Works: Featured in illustrious publications such as Nylon Guys, PaperCut, Cosmopolitan Latinas, D'Scene, Mr. Warburton, Vulkan, Glassbook, Elegant, and RegardMag.
  • Brand Collaborations: From high-end brands like YSL Beauty, Polo Ralph Lauren, Alice & Olivia, Moscot, Intermix, Got Milk, Moet and Chandon, Oribe and Cadillac to household names like AT&T, BET, and Pepsi, her artistry has been their choice.

With Sandradene, beauty isn't just a transformation; it's a narrative of elegance, identity, and grace. Let her brushstrokes sketch your story.

Ready to illuminate the world together.

Makeup | Grooming| Hair - Flawless Artistry Changes Everything

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